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3 Dec 08 11:02:26 pm
Hello everyone,

This is Quynh. I just joined yesterday. I have researched other companies' list of services (Doba, Worldwide Brand, Dropshipdesign) but decided on Salehoo. Wow, I wasn't prepared for all the information available to Salehoo members. I'm so new to doing business online but I want to get off to a good start by reading up on Forum postings. I'm excited that Salehoo members are such a sharing Commerce community. I definitely will take good advice when they are given - why re-invent the wheel, right? I think I'm in information overload from just one day of reading some of the postings. Advice from consensus so far => avoid PayPal (not cost effective, bad seller customer service), look into using First Data or Google Checkout for payment option, avoid dropshipping (if have capital, buy in bulk - liquidator and/or wholesaler), beware of trademark/copyright infringement (cause problems when posting products), don't plan on on marketing all products on eBay (use other marketplace sites), research affiliate marketing approach (not sure what this is yet), beware of hidden import charges from overseas suppliers, leverage eBay Auction Inspector tool for verifying whether there is good demand for products to purchase. BTW - I'm having loads of fun surfing products from the liquidator/wholesaler supplier websites. Gosh - have to get better at leveraging search criterias cuz 'so many suppliers and so little time'. What I'm getting out of Forum postings so far. I hope all my assumptions are accurate.

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4 Dec 08 12:42:09 am
I personally believe that the forum here is what makes this site the best, with most members quite happy to assist in any way possible.

Of course a lot of what is written is personal opinion, and I think everyone should treat it as such. Its great to have such a wealth of information at your disposal, but treat it as you would any research.

Just because someone has a gripe about something or someone doesn't make their gripe legit, but it does make it worth looking into further, and in so doing you will be in a position to then draw your own conclusions.

Welcome to the gang.

Mark (fudjj)

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4 Dec 08 02:26:00 am
This is one of the biggest benifits from the salehoo membership. The list is common with many sites as many sites have copied our lists over the years. But we have a community here that is second to none in how we help other members and how we discuss suppliers and review them. Sure you can google any site and find them but are you sure they are legit? How good is thier reputation? And do they work with you. There are many review forums on the net yet none of them have members sharing secrets to how they make money. As they are afraid that in a pool of 6 billion people their profits will die if they share a secret to success to a few. Here many members offer advice and work to help their fellow members succeed in their ventures. And that is the key reason why salehoo beats them all.

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21 Dec 08 05:57:21 am
Im still a biginner on selling on line,Can somebody please explain with trademark/copyright infringement I have seen some fashion items listed from one of your supplyers Polka Dot Petals Which list their items as Designer Inspired purses,wallets bags ect ect,I dont want to sell in that grey area and certaintly dont want my items pulled off, the bags look very simular to Ed Hardys designs but there listed as tatoo wear is that ok or not ??Im not even sure you can say designer inspired I have read so much on what you cannot do on Ebay im not sure what you can do.I like this supplers gear. :( very confused)

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21 Dec 08 08:19:34 am
Wow this weeks new people sure beat last weeks lol. That is a pretty good assumption you have their. Just keep an open mind and take your time. Alot of new people come into this thinking they are gonna be rich next week doing absolutely nothing. Learn all you can and I think you will be just fine.


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