Please help with exporting from USA to Bosnia & Herzegovina

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22 Feb 10 12:17:33 am

I am new to this website and exporting business all together so I thought Id ask some questions and start learning :)

My plan is to buy in bulk here in the USA and export the products to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I dont know where to start. I would export clothes and shoes.

Can anyone please direct me in the right direction as far as what the fees involved are, shipping out of the country, taxes, customs etc.
Best way to go about doing this for the first time.

I want to crunch some numbers and see if this would be profitable or not.

Any and all information is appreciated

Thank you very much

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22 Feb 10 01:35:10 am
Welcome to SaleHoo 1arko23! Glad to have you on board :)

I'm no expert on this but I did manage to find a link that may help you with your plans to export products from the US to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Please check out this link for a run down of the basic policies and requirements:

[Link no longer available]

Also, I think you might find this article helpful:

Link hidden: Login to view

If this is your first time to export/import products, I suggest you seek the assistance of a broker. This way you'll be sure that you don't miss any important part/step (which may make you liable to additional fees/penalties) in the process.

Hope this helps. Cheers!


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24 Feb 10 05:42:34 pm
For a country like B&H you really need an agent working 'on the ground' as it were in the country. Have you considered looking for an agent in Croatia to export into B&H? They have an open trade agreement and Croatia has all the good seaports in that part of the world, so anything large sized or shipped in bulk is likely to go through there anyway.


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26 Feb 10 09:27:46 am
hi. thanks for the reply.
I believe that Croatia would be a good choice to import to and now i gotta research what their laws are on bringin goods to bosnia,


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