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PPWDG's shipping costs to NZ

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15 Jun 08 10:05:18 pm
Hi, I lived in Christchurch, NZ. I saw the recent promotion for PPWDG and really keen to invest into the profit pack. The shipping cost came up to $200 more than the pack itself. I was wondering how possible it is for NZ to have access to this great resource with minimum shipping cost. Thank you


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17 Jun 08 05:55:10 am
[b:6d4df049]Hi Clifford. I believe it would not be viable for you to purchase small profit packs and pay the shipping to NZ and still make good profit on Trademe. The only way to make a profit by buying from PPWDG and shipping to NZ would be to purchase in bulk, ie at least a pallet of goods. That way, after factoring in your shipping costs and customs duty, the price per item would be less than the price per item of purchasing small amounts in a profit pack, thus still providing the opportunity for some profits. I'm in Melbourne and, although I'd love to get my hands on some of the great stuff from PPWDG, I'm not in the financial position to be able to purchase by the pallet or container load. I'm afraid I just wouldn't come out on top with a profit pack.

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18 Jun 08 01:49:42 am
I have to agree with userexists. It would be based on how well you can sell the product in your country. The shipping is horrible these days. If I were to ship a pack using fedex it would cost over $500.

Several members of my group are from NZ and I recently shipped some clothing they had me buy for them and it cost a ton of money. Most likely it also killed the value of the products themselves. This is why I state that I am only doing this for the curiosity of the members from other countries. Maybe there is a chance for profit from these overseas but I cannot guarantee it because I don't know those markets.

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19 Jun 08 02:47:36 am

Im really interested in buying a profit pack. I was wondering how big the box size is that you guys send the stuff in and also how long delivery would take to portland oregon zip 97203


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21 Jun 08 05:42:55 am
Hi Clifford,im one of those NZ members Jimmy mentioned.I too are interested in bringing some product but theyre right,the shipping can quickly kill any profit margin.Im based in Hamilton.The only real way to get around the shipping is to find a small item that sells well and order plenty of them.That way you can spread the shipping over as many items as possible.You also have to be aware NZ customs only allows $400 worth of product to come before they start adding GST.If you have any ideas feel free to PM me,i could be interested in making a partnership.

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