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7 Jul 08 08:46:59 pm
I was wondering if anyone could tell me details about ordering a profit pack to the UK. This is my first major purchase and will be the first thing i will be selling on eBay that isn't tat from around the house so im fairly exited. I would just like to know roughly how long it takes from ordering to my door so i have some idea of when to be in to receive it. Also could anyone tell me what would happen were it to get delivered while i was out; would i receive a slip telling me where and how to pick up the goods? Would i have to pay any holding fee and is so roughly how much should i expect to shell out.

Any other information would be greatly welcomed.

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8 Jul 08 02:16:38 am
Hi, you should receive a tracking number that you can access online to let you know the status of your parcel. If you've never used a tracking number before, you just type it into the website Jimmy will give you and check it every day. It will give you details like - time it left the USA, time it arrived in the UK, time it arrived at your customs depot, time it left customs, time it arrived at the delivery station, etc. You should receive it either the day it arrives at the deliver station or the next day. Usually the delivery driver will leave a note in your mailbox if you are out. They sometimes leave a number you can ring an leave a message with a convenient re-deliver time, or sometimes they will tell you where to go and collect it. It would be best to email Jimmy at the website if he doesn't come in here and give you a reply soon.

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17 Jul 08 01:53:09 pm
Don't forget the 17.5% Vat you'll have to pay on the value of the consignment.


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