Reseller or Tax ID - do I need this?

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2 Jan 07 05:03:50 pm
I am a new member with Salehoo. I need to know with the Wholesale suppliers do I need a tax id number in order to purchase products from them?. Do I need a tax id or resell tax id? What is the difference, and if so where do I go to get one or can I get one online and how much is it or is it free? A friend told me that it was free, but they may not be sure.

Thanks for your help

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3 Jan 07 04:43:41 pm
some states charge and others don't. Some states and areas require you to have a business license and a state tax id. If your state doesnt require a state tax id you might have to get a federal id number. If you want a state tax id you can often do a search on your state and than put in tax id number. The state pages often contain information on starting a new business that can be helpful. Some companies will require the information and others will not. Than again if your stte charges sales tax and you buy from a company that has fixed operations in that state than you will need the id to avoid paying sales tax on your items. hope this helps


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