Safest payment option for importing from China

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18 Nov 12 05:58:17 am

I would like to know the safest way to deal with the payment with china manufacturer/supplier.

I realize that we can't use alibaba escrow service if we dealing with replica items or if there any solution or advice can be given? I just need to verify the seller has shipped the items before I release the balance amount.

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Thank you

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18 Nov 12 06:47:32 pm
Safest payment option would be Credit Card. Contact your card provider and confirm their Charge Back policy so you have all the details. In the event of the transaction going pear shaped, file your Charge Back and claim your refund through your card provider.

PayPal runs a close second for my money.

If you are unable to use either, you really need to ask yourself if it's worth the risk using any other method, when dealing with an unknown supplier.

Mark (fudjj)

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19 Nov 12 03:37:10 am
Hello 89buttons,

An L/C or letter of credit is a god option, this is a letter issued by the buyer's bank guaranteeing the necessary funds are available for the purchase. The letter can only be used once the terms of the sale are met, and all the necessary documentation is provided.

When importing or purchasing large wholesale orders, this payment method gives the wholesaler a lot of confidence because it takes a lot of time and effort to process a large wholesale order. If for some reason, the order is cancelled due to a lack of funds, it can be costly for wholesalers, hence why many request that you show a letter of credit.

Hope this helps!


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20 Nov 12 05:29:54 am
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13 Dec 12 04:47:15 am

I could provide you the following suggestions you may want to try for your payments for China manufacturers or suppliers:

First, credit cards are very rare so you can’t expect to be able to pay with your VISA. Some companies from Mainland China have offices in Hong Kong (HK) and they may accept credit cards as well as PayPal. Secondly, there is no such a thing as 100% safe payment method. Even credit card won’t protect you in every situation so always, always take extra mile to verify supplier you want to deal with.

So in first place – make sure you have no doubts whatsoever about the company you’ll deal. When dealing with new suppliers, always place a small, test order to see how it goes. In the worst case of scenario you’ll lose just a small amount of money.

Back to your question – if possible, ask your supplier if they accept credit cards or PayPal. If you pay via PayPal, make sure to choose your “credit card” as a funding source as only this way you’re protected (by your credit card company – if something goes wrong, you can file a charge back dispute and get your money back).

For China – standard payment method you’ll use with most suppliers is Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) or as we call it – Wire Transfer. Wire Transfer is simply an international money transfer you make from your bank account to supplier’s account.

Keep in mind – there’s no protection with Wire Transfer method! Once you send the money, there’s no way back – you won’t be able to cancel transaction if supplier scams you. Always make sure that you send money to company’s bank account and NOT a private one.

If your supplier can’t provide company’s bank account, I would stay away from dealing with them.

Western Union (WU) is the most popular payment method amongst all scammers. You should never send large amounts of money via WU and generally avoid it when dealing with suppliers.

Letter of Credit (L/C) is one of the safest payment method to deal with suppliers abroad but unfortunately it’s used only with large volume orders (20k +). With L/C, bank guarantees that it will release money to supplier once goods have been received and inspected.

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