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Seeking advice on importing from China to Mexico

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16 Jul 09 01:59:00 am
Hello everbody,
i´m from Mexico and a 'newbie', and of course a lot of doubts and questions. Anybody has experience of imoprting stuff from China to Mexico, in special case with 'Chinavasion'. How much are the Tax to pay, es el customer who paid the tax when recieving. Or is this forbidden importing China´s stuff to Mexico. Please send me your experience. Thank you

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16 Jul 09 02:02:14 am
Hi BestBuy, welcome to the site.

As you have mentioned Chinavision, I'm assuming you aren't talking about importing in bulk, but more about drop shipping items?

The only issue you would have importing in to your country from China would be if you were importing fakes, so as long as you stay away from branded products, that won't pose any such issues.

Mark (fudjj)

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17 Jul 09 12:06:33 am
Hi BestBuy,

Importing from China to Mexico is NOT forbidden. But as fudjj has pointed out try to stay away from branded products as 9 out of 10 times these products will be fake.

With regards to who pays the taxes, every country has different duties and taxes on imported goods. As you are importing goods from another country - such as China, Hong Kong, India etc – you will very likely pay import duties, although there are some exceptions. The best way to find out how much you have to pay is by visiting your country’s customs website and reading the information there. You will also find phone numbers and contact details for help with more specific information.

If this is your first time importing, we suggest you get a broker. Importing will involve a lot of complex paper work and if you are not familiar with the procedure it may cost you more than needed.

Hope this helps. Cheers :)


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