Seller from Ireland - need advice on starting out

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3 Nov 09 11:57:09 pm
Hi All,
As this is my first post on Salehoo please be a bit patient :)

I am only starting out in my business and am basically looking for any advice that is available to me.

Being from Ireland am I fighting a tough battle to get suppliers to ship to me ?

What is the best way to source the correct suppliers that will give good products and prices ?

I am signed up to ebay for a few years but my ebay name does not sound very good for selling goods, it is Liverpooldogs, is there a way to change a name on ebay as I already have over 30 of a score reached from buying items.

My idea is to start selling designer womens clothes sourced from USA or UK, not China as more that likely they are all fake.

Can anyone give me some advice please ?

Many thanks.

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4 Nov 09 01:28:19 am
Hi KISSANEPAT1, and welcome to the site.

Ebay first, and yes you can change your ebay id if you would like to without loosing your feedback. You can change it as many times as you like, but once changed you will not be able to edit it again for a period of 30 days.

You will be able to do this from your 'my ebay'.

Regarding importing clothing, I would actually suggest you take a close look at the liquidation market for these types of products. Some great savings on loads on new overstocks, but you always have to make sure of what you are buying as liquidated stock can also contain customer returns, along with other clothing not really suitable for sales.

I would suggest taking a look at Link hidden: Login to view. There are many that deal in the field, but they are the ones I will usually recommend as they have excellent customers service and do ship worldwide, so will be able to assist you in that area as well.

Good luck.

Mark (fudjj)

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4 Nov 09 01:47:01 am

Welcome to SaleHoo!

We offer free articles to educate you on the ins and outs of different product sourcing methods, how suppliers work and how to get the most out of each supplier. There are also training resources on topics such as eBay selling, importing and what types of products to sell. You'll find these on our learning center and FAQ section:

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And if you haven't yet, do download a copy of the bonus PDF guides:

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All the best!

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18 Nov 09 06:58:56 pm
We have shipped to Ireland previously.

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We have an ever changing assortment of merchandise and ship world wide.

Topper Liquidators
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