Selling goods with PayPal -a heads up on their new security

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22 Aug 07 12:18:09 am
Just a head's up to all of you who use PayPal as their payment method when selling online.

Paypal is introducing 2 new security measures to help make the site 'more secure'. One most of you can probably live with. It's a 'PayPal Security Key'.
A compact portable electronic key (like a key ring) that generates an unique code number,(123456, etc.)every 30 seconds. You look at the current number and then enter that number after your user name and password when you log in. Once the code expires, (in 30 seconds) no one else can use it. Supposedly this will keep anyone who might have stolen your user and password (through something like a keystroke virus) from getting into your account...

It' optional and you can watch it work and/or sign up to receive one at Link hidden: Login to view.

The other I think is just paypal being their normal self shooting everyone in the foot..

From now on, PayPal will be doing a thing called
'Payment Review' on all transactions..They basically will be looking at transactions and if 'they' :shock: deem the transaction to look 'risky' they will notify you and hold the transaction in 'pending' status as they

A couple of years back, paypal started putting a hold on what they called 'high-risk' transactions.
This came about when the first playstations and xboxes hit the market..they would look at high risk transactions and request the seller to prove possession of the item or items before releasing the funds..Alot of sellers had their accounts frozen, disrupted and a whole lot of head aches to say the least...

I think this will just be an increased dose of the same medicine and probably added heart aches for sellers..

So just be aware if you use paypal and keep your ducks in a row, be ready to supply proof of purchase, tracking and shipping papers, and probably the birth certificate of your first born.... :?

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22 Aug 07 04:57:35 pm
It's good to hear that. But paypal is still expensive to use, compared to google checkout.

but now google checkout can only support very few countries in fully support.


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