Selling in US market for non US-resident

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24 Sep 20 10:05:51 am

I am very new in eCommerce business and have been learning a lot lately. Recently subscribed to salehoo and read all the courses available. I haven't even started my shopify store yet (planning on this path) but I am now doing all the prep.

While I am on the course, I read regard of US TAX ID/ reseller license. I am living in Malaysia but I am looking to have a dropshipping business set selling to the US. My question, is it possible? as i am reading through this forum, a few have similar question but mostly are from canada, auz, and UK. Im not sure if it works if I'm from Malaysia.

Appreciate anyone who can give me suggestion here. Sorry for my bad english. As my main language is Mandarin.

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19 Nov 20 04:39:02 pm
I tell you my case
I am an eBay seller and I live in Peru, for a long time I sold products from China to the US and other countries, but this year I could no longer sell Chinese products to the US, so I was changing everything and decided to sell products from China to other countries through my online store and what it is to sell for the US through ebay with products from US suppliers (I am just testing these changes) and I started selling from a supplier (although until now I have noticed that there are suppliers of The US that have higher prices than Waltmar which makes it difficult to compete with prices) but even so this month I managed to sell something, apparently in the US the purchase orientation is changing and they prefer to buy what is in the US itself, perhaps it is due to the issue of Delivery time.

Returning to the topic of your question, there are suppliers that do not require as a requirement to have a tax identification or reseller license, which makes it possible to be part of their dropshipper program.

Although I am interested in knowing how to have a tax identification in the US, a bank account in the US and the license without being a US resident, I will put the latter in the forum as a new topic and maybe a member can help with the answer.


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9 Feb 23 04:55:48 am
Hi kuance87,

You may need to contact the supplier directly that you intend to work with them. You can inform them that you are not a US resident and if it would be possible for you to submit a document in lieu of the Tax ID/reseller license. Your country might have a legal document equivalent to that. Otherwise, you will need to find a supplier which does not require any reseller license/Tax ID.

Hope this helps!


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