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22 Feb 07 02:40:00 am
I am looking at buying some apple i pods from and would like some advice from anyone who has done this (i am in Australia).

1. What is the cheapest shipping method/
2. Is is better to organise your own shipping or let them do this? If so what is the cheapest and easiest way to do this
3. What taxes are payable if any
4. When I got a shipping quote through their site they said there was a $150 documentation fee, what would this be for?

Looking forward to some help thanks

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24 Feb 07 04:21:12 am
These are my thoughts...

1. It would probably almost be cheaper to pick up your own shipping. I have been looking at buying lots for over a year now and the shipping they charge in most cases is rediculous and has scared me away. I completed my first transaction today.

2. I would get a UPS account if you are looking into do a large amount of shipping such as selling online or ebay. At work I sell on ebay and use ups. We have a daily pick up acct which we pay $11 a week for this option but the amount of shipping we do we save alot more with the acct we are set up on.

3. Taxes would be payable when u live in a state where has a presence. Or on most imports into or out of the US.

4. There need to be customs documents prepared. Which are easy to prepare if you are familiar with the process. If not it doesnt have much of a learning curve. But once again Its another 1 of's bloated fees.


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