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10 Sep 06 11:20:30 pm

I've been searching the wholesale source directory and I found one, If you try to search a particular category like lacoste shirts, there are lots of cheap prices from individual sellers ranging from $11.87 to $13.87/pc. which is a very profitable margin. If you use the shipping calculator, it shows the different shipping companies like, lets say UPS. If you are from the USA, it shows $27.31 per 1 quantity. I'm wondering if the seller charges the wholesale price of $11.87/pc plus the shipping cost of $27.31 per piece of shirt.

I've been trying to contact the seller regarding shipping if you buy in 10 or 20 lots of shirts and be packed into one shipping box and if they do charge the same amount of $27.31 its a good deal but if they will charge $27.31 shipping per piece of shirts its already too expensive and no more room for profit selling in ebay. I have send 3 e-mail inquires already regarding this shipping matter to but no answer from them. It' almost a month now.

Is there anyone who have tried to purchased from with 10 to 20 pcs. of shirts packed in one shipping box and was only charge with $27.31 as calculated with the shipping calculator?

Please I appreciate anyone who could give clarification with this matter.

Thank you! Thank you!

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13 Oct 06 01:40:21 pm
Same problem at!!!
, there is a strange things.. When I tried to buy 20 piece of flash memory disk, I checked the whight, it is around 8 kg and this impossible for only 20 piece of flash disk.

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13 Oct 06 04:24:48 pm
i have placed the site on my BS list. it seems they are known for fraud. there is another thread that details how one poor merchant tried to buy an ipod and a PSP and got two pairs of shoes instead...after 2 months of waiting...forget them and be done with it.

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14 Oct 06 03:13:54 am
hey i just brought 5 sets of sennheiser headphones from dhgate, they got here ok with decent shipping costs too. infact havea look at Link hidden: Login to view.
it works a lot like eBay with memebers and sellers, so be sure to check the supplier's feedback of ur particular item.

but yea i know what you mean by not responding to emails, ive never got one back...strange, oh well just dont buy from the sellers that wont answer, usally there are multible sellers with the same item, so look around sometimes u will find it cheaper.


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