Shipping prices gone mad

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14 Dec 07 11:57:30 am
I have been absolutely shocked by some of the shipping prices quoted to me for sending products to the UK.

I have often sold internationally and know that the prices I am being quoted are a total rip-off, often costing more than the actual product itself. Why on earth do the suppliers do this? They must lose an enormous amount of customer through doing so. I tend to keep an eye out for suppliers offering free shipping it really helps to keep my profit margins healthy.

Any thoughts?


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15 Dec 07 12:21:13 pm
Shipping to most international ports has come to be a pain in the rear completely. I used FedEx and they will literally charge me $200.00 to ship a 1 couple pound item to great britain. Its a total joke and basically caused by the cost of fuels. The only service for me that has not gone up is the USPS rates.

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15 Dec 07 10:43:35 pm
If you are selling items under a hundred dollars, ship it 1st class. Ive done that and have never had a problem.
Over a hundred ship it priority. And if its a real high priced item, ship it with sig required and express mail.


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