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7 Jul 07 10:42:16 am
Has anyone got goods from USA using USPS? are they safe? I'm looking at ordering some watches from
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They use two options, one is express and the other priority which is ALOT cheaper, like a quarter of the price!

I've looked up one their website and they look alright! but some experiences from people would be appreciated.

Jimmy what do you think? safe?

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7 Jul 07 11:55:27 am
USPS is a very safe method of shipping. The express shipping costs more, but allows you to track your shipment online every step of the way. It's alot like fedex or UPS. Priority mail is a bit slower and does not allow online tracking. I would purchase insurance when using priority mail just to be on the safe side. The cost of using express mail includes insurance up to a certain dollar amount. You should check in to see what that amount is, since it's been a while since I've used it.

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7 Jul 07 04:39:55 pm
Hi...Usps is a the United States Postal Service. It is as dana.silve stated very safe to use since it is the united states government. I normally use global priorty when shipping to foreign countries and have never had any problems. I would request from the company that signature confirmation will be included in which ever method of shipping that you select. The reason I'm saying this is that you or some one in your household will have to sign for the package upon delivery. They cannot claim delivery until they have your signature on the delivery slip....


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