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25 Feb 08 01:03:02 pm
hi im thinking of when my tax return gets in to put a good portion of it to some sort of business, i bought like computers off ebay and fixed them up and sold them on ebay so i kind of got the feel of it a bit, can anyone tell me or give me any suggestions, or what would be a good idea to make some good money?

im open to any suggestions :)

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25 Feb 08 09:40:09 pm
Well if you know alot about computers then building them can make you a few bucks. Build gaming rigs. These are very popular on ebay. Dont build AMD game rigs as they just arent fast enough.

I used to build pc's in the early days of ebay and resell them. It wasnt great profits but I usually make anywhere from $100-$400 based on the unit.

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25 Feb 08 09:56:29 pm
Selling ebooks and information products are a great source of extra income. The best part is no shipping cost!


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