Steps in start-up importing

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25 Feb 08 12:47:32 pm

Now that I've found some great suppliers and wholesalers, have my tax ID and am ready to start to import from USA to AUS, customs have informed me of product classification? Where can I find more detailed info on this?
How can I be sure that the supplier is sending me authentic products?
Can I ask them for documents of authenticity or their eligibility to export authentic products? Where can I go for this info?
Just don't want to get stuck after all the hard work :roll:

All information support and help is very much appreciated
Nesa :lol:

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8 Jun 08 12:09:43 pm
I'm about where you are, by the sounds of it.
Check out Link hidden: Login to view for tariff classifications. I haven't looked at it in depth yet. Have you looked at the Australian Customs website? It's heavy going, but there is a great deal of info on there.

Hope that helps some.


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