Taxes on incoming stock to AU

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15 Mar 07 11:36:40 pm
Hi Guys,
I'm new to selling and buying on the internet, and also new to this site. I've been looking at the site and notice some pretty good deals on there. Does anyone have any good/bad comments about this site? And also, does anyone know if there are any extra taxes on shipping stuff into Australia for US? Thanx for your help. :)

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17 Mar 07 05:27:09 am
Hey There, I can't personally help you with information on the company but I do know that if you import into Aussie land as long as your purchase is under $1000 AU you don't have to pay taxes. Just bear in mind though, that if you order in two lots of stuff from two different places and they turn up at customs together they will add the two amounts together, so leave a good time frame in between them. Hope that helps you a bit Cheers nene :D

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5 Apr 07 05:31:44 pm
I have imported some stuff from US but generally found onsome sites the shipping costs far exeed the purchase cost one particular site I had this problem was WMS wholesale. and the exchange rate can be a pain remember to research your product and wiegh the costs including shipping to what might be closer to home. Having said that I just today found an American site whith a reasonable shipping price.
:lol: Good Luck

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