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Third party inspectors for overseas purchases

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21 May 09 03:12:53 am
If we are going to be importing from other countries maybe we should start a thread about Third Party Inspectors.

Don't know if this thread will go anywhere. But if anyone has a line on TPI's or info and would like to share lets put it here.

Lololol gave us the first lead. Link hidden: Login to view .

Anyone else want to chime in?

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21 May 09 03:21:27 am
Yea possibly a good idea for wholesalers buying pallet loads as the cost of the inspection is high so would need to be a decent sized shipment to justify the expense...But worth thinking about.

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21 May 09 03:49:49 am
No names off the top of my head, but a good third party sourcing agency can actually save you a bundle as well, not just in cash, but in hassles.

A lot of these companies already have good established working relationships with factories, so can quite often not just take you to what you need, but can also get you a better price than what you can get on your own.

Things like language barriers vanish, and business can be a lot smoother.

Still have to research the third party, plenty out there are just fronts for specific factories. They won't get you the best price, they will just point your order to their own manufacturing process.

This company sounds quite interesting, well worth looking at for anyone seriously looking at the Asian market, but as Wes has said.....wasting your time if you are not a big buyer!

Mark (fudjj)

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21 May 09 03:58:21 am
yes any info on this would be great, not something that i think i could use at the moment, but hopefully 1 day i will be a big buyer and could look back at all the info shared here, thanx

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1 Jun 09 02:17:20 am
Good points. We should try to keep this thread active. Finding a truly non partisan, so to speak, 3rd party inspector would be great.


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