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12 Sep 06 05:35:43 pm

I am looking to buy goods from abroad or in the UK whatever is cheaper ? To sell on Ebay on a regular basis I would like about 20-30 units per week to start with then slowly more.

I did want to sell Ipods but I have looked into what they are making on Ebay and after my delivery costs and Import duty costs there isn't room for much profit unless I can find someone dirt cheap.

I have also noticed there is a big market for the Xbox 360 Premium now I believe this might be a good option for me but I need to be getting these for around $375 or less is this possable ?

Because I live in the UK we have to pay alot of Import duty on any thing classed as a video like the Ipod 60 Gb video stupid laws. I only want to pay by Paypal as I have been scammed before.

Can I get the UK Pal version from the USA forgive me if I sound stupid but I dont know nothing about the PaL and NTSC formats ??

Any Help would be great thanks


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