VAT question

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12 Jun 07 10:45:50 pm
1. Who is guilty to pay VAT? Me or the costumer if I dropship?
Does MKenterprise write down a price on the packet? Ofcourse not?
Becuase that would be strange if the costumer see the price I've bought it for.

Or am I responsible to add the tax on MY price on auction?

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15 Jun 07 07:42:09 am
I would assume that the prson who receives the item is the one who pays the import tax/VAT. I think a lot of companies try to make this as low as possible by declaring the items value as lower than it actually is, without arousing suspicion. I am going to order from MK quite soon for a dropshipping order, so I'll assume my customer will let me know what happens when the package arrives at its destination. REMEMBER: ALWAYS PUT THE ITEM LOCATION AS THE LOCATION OF THE SUPPLIER, SO THE BUYER IS AWARE WHERE IT IS COMING FROM! THAT WAY, YOU CAN'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR A CUSTOMER WHO IS IGNORANT ENOUGH TO NOT REALISE ABOUT IMPORT TAX!


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