Want to start out importing (I live in South Africa)

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20 Nov 07 07:29:10 pm
Hello all. Ive been a Salehoo member for a few months now but until now have not had time to explore possibilities. I live in South Africa and would like some suggestions , either from fellow South Africans who have been able to make this work , or from any1 else. The wholesalers I have looked at through Salehoo either ship only to the States, UK , Australia etc. or charge heavily for shipment to South Africa. I'd like some tips as to how to get started and, seeing as I dont have MASSIVE capital on a teachers salary :lol: , which sorts of products I should be looking at. Also if there are any wholesalers or any people able to provide me with goods fairly cheap (by my country's standards) , kind souls willing to give me a show , then kindly contact me and we can work something out. Thanx .

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11 Feb 08 06:55:28 pm
Buy direct from China....contact me and I can tell you how, where and when!


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