Which is the best merchant account?

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4 Sep 08 07:16:01 am
I am planning to open a merchant account but whatever company I select I find negative reviews about it on google. I am not even sure whether these negative reviews are true or not.

As you all are into buying and selling online for a longer period than me, Please suggest me which merchant account should I select?? It should be relaible and cheap in its fees. It should also be available to international merchants as Im not based in USA and Europe.

Your help will be highly beneficial for me

Thanks all.

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4 Sep 08 07:46:34 am
Jimmy uses one that he has high praise for, but I can't remember the name, nor if it is available internationally, but I'm sure he will drop the link in here soon : )

Myself, I use the PayPal gateway. Yeah, yeah, I know there will be plenty here that will disagree with me, and they will all have valid reasons why. I just think if you are only turning over a moderate amount of cash, PayPal offers the best bang for your buck, but just beware that they are a law unto themselves : )

Mark (fudjj)

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4 Sep 08 08:46:52 am
i should wait for jimmy to leave a link here then :)

regarding paypal....even if it was the best, i couldnt have been able to use it as it doesnt work in my country. I can only send but cant receive money via paypal

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11 Sep 08 12:19:33 pm
I did it with Link hidden: Login to view and they are awesome, you should with them. I think jimmy was the one who recommend me this one.

When I signed up, I got a free shopping cart for one year.

Good luck.

Ivan R.


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