Wire transfer from HK to USA

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30 May 07 05:15:11 pm

i want to do a bank transfer to the usa and to hong kong
i know i can do that with my bank but it's very long and the fees are very high
do you know an other system thank you

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1 Jun 07 10:06:46 am
Normally your bank is the only way. But be advised bank transfers are dangerous. You could loose your money. Make sure you know who you are sending money to well. Including thier reputation. Scammers commonly use this way to steal billions from consumers worldwide.

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2 Jun 07 02:29:39 am
Rule of thumb for overseas is never use the bank wire transfer for anything.

Trustworthy overseas sources like DHGate, Megagoods, and also ChinaVasion will not require or ask for someone to use bank transfers on their products.

And in the particular case of DHGate, they offer escrow, so the risk is reduced by 98% before you even make a single purchase.

But it is not eliminated. You always want to know who you are dealing with, and talk to them a good amount, before doing anything with a particular supplier. (Whether that be DHGate or other)

And you never want to do a direct bank to bank wire transfer as they are not a good company at all, if that is all they offer. And the most bad of them all such as electronics.eu will steal your money and they are known for scamming people.

Its just a unsafe way to do business by default, the wire transfer is and you probably should never attempt unless you absolutely know who is accepting the transfer and have spoken to them over the phone for a good while.


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