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Wire transfer payment and shipping to Australia with Evertek

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11 Jan 08 10:53:10 am
Hi guys I have been checking out evertek.com because I what to buy some products but but I am in Australia and haven't dealt with them before.

They require wire transfer but I am not familiar with that type of payment I normal use paypal and credit card.

Can someone enlighten me

How much does it cost.
have you used them to ship to Australia

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12 Jan 08 02:44:56 am
I wire transfer thousands to merchants and usually only have to pay about 15 dollars to wire the money. If they take bank to bank its better then doing a western union transfer. Its simple and you can ask evertek. They are a very very reliable supplier.

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14 Jan 08 12:01:04 am
Do they accept other payment methods to people in their own country?

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15 Jan 08 03:30:37 pm
I don't see why they won't accept
your credit card, I deal with them
and I have a credit card on file.

But I'm in the USA.

Call them and ask them, they have good
customer service.

John(aka bacpro)

J Baca

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17 Feb 08 09:28:44 am
Hi Tatoserna,

Sending money via TT has got some risks into it. I have been payng my suppliers via TT and I have set it up through my bank here in Australia. With ANZ, they can give you 2 limits from a business classic account, 1. = $5000AUD and 2. = $10,000AUD. Both limits have a TT fee of $24AUD. And best of all yo can send that off via online TT. If you were to walk into a bank (ANZ) they charge about $35AUD for the TT.

Hope the info helps.

Adelaide, South Australia

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19 Feb 08 02:01:13 am
The fees for international wire transfer is really high!You'd better call them for help. As sellers,they always like to provide favorable information for customers!


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