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Apple 80GB Video's available again

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30 Oct 06 06:03:40 pm
We have about 1000 units of the Apple ipod Video 80GB in stock. Cost- $285. Only walk in pick-ups. We are NOT going to ship it to anyone in this forum!! Call us to hold the amount of units you would need and, the buyer would have to come and pick up. Don't ask us if we take credit cards, you don't need that to pick up!!

Hi-Tech Stop
248-56B, Jericho Turnpike
Floral Park, NY, 11001
(516) 328-1090
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5 Nov 06 10:56:54 pm
About 1,000?

It's not a good business model to give estimates on your actual stock.

Just a thought.

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6 Nov 06 08:50:13 pm
Because we sell them faster than you can scratch your behind einstein.

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11 Nov 06 06:22:02 am
Heraldm, I dont know if you own that company or just represent it, but it would seem that a degree of restraint, understanding, and professionalism would go lightyears for your company image, even if we just seem like a tiny market to you. Please try to understand that everyone is different, and some of us, like me, arent as experienced or as strong as you in business. So, a little patience please?

ZVF89, the reason for posting quantities available can be many, some of which are:

1.) The item is a hot product and moves quickly with limited stock flow. I personally prefer the availability shown.

2.) It also has a side effect of generating impulse and a sense of urgency.

3.) Showing your supply capacity also allows for gathering interest in short term and long term contracts for a constant flow of business. For instance if I see that Bill can supply 1000 of product X a month, it negates any thought in my mind that this could be just a single unit supplier or a small quantity supplier, and maybe before I knew that fact I may have never thought about making a contract with Bill for X amount of product a month, so in a way Bill has given me the idea as well.

Hope this helps!



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