Apple iPod nano 3rd gen 8gb only $185 shipping included

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19 Dec 07 02:22:47 am
If you see this comment in a user’s post:

*******DELETED BY ADMIN*******

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19 Dec 07 05:09:59 am
The problem is you are new here and give a gmail address. How do you expect people to trust you.

Do you have pix that show them in your possession?

Where are you from?

Do you have a phone contact?

I would never buy from someone who attempted to sell in this manner.

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19 Dec 07 05:44:02 am
Yes,you should put more information here,so that people will know you and your products better.Usually,people won't buy products from a new person with little reliable message.

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1 Apr 08 03:37:44 pm
I can get the same 'Apple iPod nano 3rd gen 8gb ' at $149.00 + $7.00 shipping.
This is worst that retail price, Dude this is a wholesale price market not retail.

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9 Oct 08 03:13:17 am
Dude!!! I think you are buying off Amazon and trying to sell here!! You have the concept totally turned around!!!
Please check on other sites whats the cost and then post here... please dont waste your or other's time here

Thanks for your understanding!


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