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1 Oct 10 06:21:17 pm

I have been searching high and low for cheap electronics wholesalers or warehouses that sell their items in bulk and at a low competitive prices,

can you please help as i feel i am at a dead end!!!!

Looking forward to a quick reply

Thanks Rashed

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2 Oct 10 09:24:48 pm
Hi Rashed,

First of all, please be aware that electronics is an extremely competitive and over-saturated category on the internet, making it much less likely for you to find good prices for resale, unless you have enough capital set aside to buy products in bulk lots of at least $50-100,000 at a time.

Nonetheless, have you thoroughly researched ALL of the electronics suppliers listed on Salehoo yet? If not, that should be your next step. If you click on the "Directory" link, then click on "Browse All" below that, you can select "Consumer Electronics" from the list of categories, and you'll see links to the 13 sub-categories within Consumer Electronics.

Click on each sub-category, and you'll be taken to a list of all of the suppliers who sell products in that category. EACH sub-category has between 3 to 16 PAGES of suppliers listed, and there's usually about 8-10 suppliers on each do the math!

If you still can't find anything promising after reviewing all 390-2080 suppliers (which should take you at least a few weeks to completely review, spending several hours a day on it), you can click on the "Help" link in the top right corner of the page and ask Salehoo if they can give you any additional ideas.

Erika Garnica
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