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Electronic cigarette - how exactly do these things work?

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This Electronic Cigarette from ChinaZRH.com it's in the traditional pack, a healthier alternative to smoke as well as a simple way to stop smoking!

There's a lot of talk recently about electronic cigarettes, newspaper, TV, magazine, even as a main chat topic in the street..You may be thinking... What is it? In plain English, an E-cigarette is an elegant delivery system for liquid nicotine. Yes, there's nicotine in it. Because what would be the point if there wasn't? Fortunately however, there is no tar or other dangerous chemicals in it. Yes to nicotine, no to tar and Kryptonite.

How exactly do these things work? Basically, you take the filter (which houses the liquid nicotine vial) and screw it into the base (which contains the activation unit). Then take a puff and you'll immediately notice three things:
The Flavor: It tastes like a real cigarette.
The Smoke: The heated nicotine produces vapors.
The Resemblance: The glowing tip simulates a real lit cigarette.

This stop smoking device can help you quit if you are motivated and do it in a gradual and appealing way.
And when the e-cigarette base runs out of power, simply attach it to the USB adapter and recharge it using your computer's USB port or any place with 5V dc voltage.

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