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5 Oct 17 12:04:58 am
We are the largest manufacturer of concrete mixer in China. We have some 0.73HP, 4.5CF concrete mixer and 1/2HP, 5CF in stock in Los Angeles, CA for drop shipping to USA customers. You can order the product from our website and sell on ebay. We send the product to your customers by fedex. The price we give you is around usd60 cheaper than the lowest selling price on ebay.

Demand is high for our products. we only need two drop shipping partners on ebay. if you are interested in our dropshipping program, please let me know. We will provide images and specifications for you.

thank you very much.

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6 Oct 17 07:47:35 am
Thank you for reaching out.
I am interested. Send me information at I mostly am interested in cost of buying the item, profit margins and MAP (minimum asking price), and also what shipping cost is/ dimensions of products, size, and weight of ready to ship package.

I normally dropship small items, so this would be the first big items that I will be shipping.
Give me all the information you have.
Kind Regards
-Brandon Thiriot
Head Sales Manager
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7 Oct 17 07:04:22 am
Highly interested. Please e-mail me more info if you decide to work with me.
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best regards,

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7 Oct 17 08:30:50 pm
I'm interested my email is Link hidden: Login to view

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7 Oct 17 09:06:20 pm
Just an idea, but for those interested in distributing this product and if you aren't already, perhaps you might consider building a stock profile around this product. Other items that buyers of this type of product would also be interested in purchasing.

That then gives you two opportunities, the first being that you are increasing your chances of other sales from customers shopping in this market space, either on the spot or on a return visit after making an initial purchase. Secondly, it gives you really good bundling opportunities to tag some relevant products together of the same genre and create value-added purchasing opportunities for customers shopping in this market space as well.

So maybe don't just look at it as a one-off product to make a few dollars on if you are struggling to find a market footprint because there could well be an opportunity to build and establish a footprint around a product like this one.

Mark (fudjj)

Community Manager

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