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12 Jul 07 06:37:44 am
I've been renting a hosting server for a few years now and have just decided to lease out the unused space on it. I've recently re-created a website that was attached to it so I can sell hosting service packages.

My problem is that all subscription are made via paypal and I cannot send money to myself to test the website.

If I can get a few of you to test the website out for me by registering an account with your paypal account(your paypal wont be charged), I would greatly appreciate it. You may immediately cancel after you register, or I will cancel it for you within 24 hours. If it does happen to charge you, I will immediately refund your money.

Here is the link:

Link hidden: Login to view

Thanks in advance guys!

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12 Jul 07 01:09:57 pm
Anyone? Please? I just need at least 1 person to try it out to make sure the automated activation script is working. You dont even need to put in real life information (exept when using the paypal part which is on their website so it's secure).

Also, if anyone is using dial-up, I'd appreciate a speed test on the site to see if it takes long to load.

Thanks again in advance.

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3 Nov 07 02:07:57 am
Hi! I've been a momber odf SaleHoo for quite some time now but have never posted. So...
1. How do you RESPONDto posts?
2. How do you START a new post?
3. How do you CREATE a new topic?

Thanks, people.



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