How to contact suppliers & how to reply to member queries

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19 Feb 16 08:46:48 am
Hello everyone,

We at SaleHoo want to ensure that everyone's needs are met accordingly - members and suppliers alike. We all know how awful it feels to not be able to contact a supplier or having to wait long for a supplier's reply, so here are a couple of quick how to guides to help out members in contacting suppliers as well as to guide suppliers how to best reply to the messages they receive.

For Members: How to contact suppliers
As you may be familiar we have now incorporated the ability to contact suppliers directly via our directory, with various templates depending on your query. Here's a Link hidden: Login to view for you.

For suppliers: How to reply directly to member/customer queries
Please be advised that as an approved supplier on SaleHoo Wholesale Directory, our members primary means of contacting you will be via our private message system.

You can reply to customers' inquiries by navigating to SaleHoo inbox Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps smooth out everyone's line of communication! :)


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7 Sep 18 07:53:04 am
Hi Richelle,

As a supplier, how do you know a member query is legitimate? Sometimes the messages aren't very clear and I worry it might not be a legitimate query.

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9 Sep 18 10:59:28 pm
Hi Tina,

I think the best advice I could give is to treat every inquiry as legitimate, no matter what your suspicion may be. Bad news travels a lot faster than good news in the online business world, so you need to be taking every precaution to mitigate as much bad news getting out just to come close to balancing the good news with it.

Things like poor customer response rates seriously irritate retailers and can lead to a lot of complaints in all the wrong places, like trading forums such as SaleHoo.

Will every inquiry be genuine? ... absolutely not. In fact, I would suggest over 50% may well be a complete waste of time, but treating every inquiry as a priority, not matter if it is a waste of time of not is the price of doing GOOD business in this marketplace of online trading.

If you get a message that needs clarifying, simply ask for the clarification that you need to respond in an informative and prompt manner and it's going to be extremely difficult for anyone to be able to have anything negative to say about your level of Customer Service and GREAT Customer Service is a great place to start building a brand's reputation.

As a supplier, always put yourself in the customer's place and serve them as you, yourself, would like to be served and it's hard to go wrong from there :)

Mark (fudjj)

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10 Sep 18 03:26:44 am
Thanks for the advice Mark!


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