I have 5 Xbox 360 including 7 games for sale

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29 Jul 06 11:48:13 pm
Hello everyone,

I am working with a reliable wholesale broker here in the US. I have been buying XBOX 360 premiums with 7 games at a very good price. My MOQ is only 10 but I had some unforeseen problems this week and can only buy 5. I have costumers waiting on a couple so I need to get these shipped ASAP. I would like to find someone who would spilt the order with me. You would have to buy 5 or more. You can pay by Pay Pal or credit card. Delivery is about 7-14 days after payment. I am will to release all necessary information about the supplier to the buyer but, only after we talk. Please e-mail me with your phone # and a best time to call. This is a serious offer and I would like to place this order on Monday. So please only serious inquires. This offer is only open to 1 person, so first come first serve. Link hidden: Login to view


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30 Jul 06 12:49:08 pm
What kind of investment are we looking at for (5)?
Just approx estimate....before commiting....

PS: If you don't want to reveal here than send me
email : Link hidden: Login to view

J Baca

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9 Aug 06 09:20:51 pm
Hi there michelle_1050,
I may be interested as well. Can you please let me know if you are still looking for someone to buy with you. Also what would the cost be?

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11 Aug 06 05:45:21 pm
willing to go into a bulk deal if the price and shipping is right

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18 Aug 06 07:24:58 pm
Hi michelle what are the prices if still avaiable may be interested if not can you tell me your supplier thanks
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20 Aug 06 08:40:30 am
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price plz

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