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Ipod Nano 4gb Under $190

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25 Apr 06 01:45:35 am

Considering getting 100 Ipod Nanos from my supplier, I usually just opt for the 15 or so left overs. I am selling these to customers for about $ 211,they are buying :D I will sell minimum of 10 to fellow members for $184.99 (plus shipping). Also can get 75 PSP Ceramic systems with 21 games, car kit, and more, this is the same system selling on Ebay for $349, I can get this for $246.00, you'll need to committ to buy at least 5 to be added to the list. Xbox sysems not so low..$323 with minimum of 10 systems.

Let me know if you are interested. I can only take on about 10-12 people, I don't want to go over and already have about 3 other sellers. I will contact you with details and updates. Will discuss payment later, just taking a look at who may be interested.

I prefer only to work with US and Canadian residents. Thanks
You may add yourself to the interest list by sending me an email at Link hidden: Login to view. I will be in touch soon. Good luck and stay the course.

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2 May 06 03:56:00 am
What forms of payment do you accept and what is the lead time (on the 4 gb nanos)? Also, are these ceramic PSPs Jap. specs?

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20 May 06 02:50:00 pm
I am interested in this item, how many do you have for sale?
Would it be possible for $180US ?
I will buy a few items?

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18 Jun 06 07:29:15 pm
if you still have any let me know Link hidden: Login to view

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