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= '''Kinbo Corporation (''' =
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Kinbo Corporation (Link hidden: Login to view) is a wholesale company manufacturing 55 different apparels and accessories. They are based in San Francisco, CA (Xiao). According to Faire, it was incorporated in 2016 and has been doing business globally since 2019 (Li). Kinbo Corporation has in total three main merchandise collections/brands for sale in their store website; [Link hidden: Login to view The British Royal Family Merchandise Store Collection], [Link hidden: Login to view One Direction Store] & [Link hidden: Login to view Collection Aristocratique Premium]. Their product range includes hoodies, tank tops, t-shirts, joggers, crop tops, skirts and sweatpants. They have been working closely with One Direction and the British Royal Family to produce the merchandise on their behalf. They have been awarded an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, a certified supplier license from Google, trusted store from PayPal and their website has been thoroughly secured through high-tech banking technology in order to protect their customers' identity and their credentials (Adams). According to their Sales Analyst, Kinbo Corporation has partnership with factory owners with several factory owners in the leading garment producing countries of the world including Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Nigeria, China, the United States & Laos (Adams).

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=== '''<u>Founding Story</u>''' ===

Kinbo Corporation was founded in 2016 by a group of friends with a major investment from an Asian investor to fund the store (Xiao). Their motto since then has been to ''"make the customer feel special"'' and their core value has been to ''"make sure that every customer in our store gets the highest level of satisfaction and value for their hard-earned money"'' (Li).

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=== '''[Link hidden: Login to view British Royal Family Store Merchandise Collection]''' ===

Kinbo Corporation inaugurated its British Royal Family Collection on the eve of Christmas in 2019. It has been since then the second highest selling brand collection for then followed by the One Direction Merchandise Collection (Murphy). The British Royal Family includes products of both the deceased and current members of the British Royal Family. The members included in the British Royal Family include Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Meghan, Queen Elizabeth, King George VI, King George V, King Edward VIII & Prince George. The British Royal Family Merchandise Collection product includes hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, canvases, posters, gift cards, postcards & drawstring bags. See below to browse through the comprehensive product collection images

=== <u>'''[Link hidden: Login to view One Direction Store Merchandise Product Collection]'''</u> ===

The One Direction Merchandise Store Collection is Kinbo Corporation's best selling brand/collection so far (Murphy). The Collection was inaugurated on 2017 and was subsequently sold out the following three months due to high demand. Kinbo Corporation partnered with Indian & Vietnamese garment manufacturers in order to meet up with the high demand (Adams). According to their website, there are around 40 products of One Direction Store Merchandise Product Collection for sale and these products include illustrations, photos and memorials of the former boy band and its members Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan & Louis Tomlinson. The products hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, tote bags, duffle bags, postcards & posters are available in different colours and sizes. According to Faire, the One Direction Store Merchandise Product Collection has received recognition and has been featured on the Washington Post, New York Times, Forbes & The Wall Street Journal (Li).
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=== '''<u>[Link hidden: Login to view Products on Wholesale]</u>''' ===

Kinbo Corporation has in total 55 different categories of products including accessories & apparels for wholesale in their store. The products are customisable and according to their website they do not charge anything for shipping and/or for customisable and designing (Xiao). The products sold on Products on Wholesale by Kinbo Corporation include -

# T-Shirts
# Tank Tops
# 3/4 Sleeve Shirts
# Long Sleeve Shirts
# Polo Shirts
# Crop Tops
# Hoodies
# Sweatshirts
# Jackets
# Sweatpants
# Joggers
# Leggings
# Dresses
# Skirts
# Sport Bras
# Shorts
# Swimwear
# Neck gaiters
# Face masks
# Baby Bibs
# Baby Bodysuits
# Baby Jackets
# Dad Hats
# Caps
# Snapbacks
# Beanies
# Bucket Hats
# Visors
# Tote Bags
# Drawstring Bags
# Fanny Packs
# Backpacks
# Duffle Bags
# iPhone Cases
# Samsung Case
# Bracelets
# Necklaces
# Earrings
# Flip Flops
# Embroidered Aprons
# Socks
# Beach Towels.
# Mugs
# Postcards
# Stickers
# Pillows
# Pillow Case
# Framed Posters
# Canvas
# Bean Bag Bases
# Laptop Cases
# Blankets
# Keychain
# Pet Tags
# Baby Hoodies

To get the images of the above mentioned products see the galleries below.

=== '''<u>Donation Policy</u>''' ===

According to Kinbo Corporation, they have been donating 60% of their profits to UNICEF & other charitable organisations (Murphy). There has been exceptions and if they classify their profits in three categories ''"Direct Sale", "Wholesale Sale"'' and ''"Influencer's Sale"''. If it is a direct sale, they donate 60% of the profits to UNICEF and if it is not, then they keep the profits for themselves (Xiao). According to their [Link hidden: Login to view Donation Policy], the definition of a ''"Wholesale Sale"'' is a sale where a customer buys more than 100 products at once and the definition of ''"Influencer's Sale''" is the sale they get from their YouTubers Merchandise and Instagram Promo Code Sale (Adams). According to their [Link hidden: Login to view Donation Policy], they sometimes keep the profits from all of the three categorised sales as they seem fit or during the time of low sales.

=== '''<u>Sign-Up Page</u>''' ===

Kinbo Corporation has a sign-up page for people to sign up and receive promotional emails and discount promo codes (Schindler). '''[Link hidden: Login to view Sign-Up Page]'''
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=== '''<u>Make Your Own Merchandise</u>''' ===

According to their website, Kinbo Corporation allows YouTubers, Instagram Influencers & Store Owners to create their custom merchandise (Schindler). A quotation from Kinbo Corporation's [Link hidden: Login to view Make Your Own Merchandise Page] has been provided below -

''<sub>["We are going to do everything for you for free and you do not need to pay us anything to start your customisable merchandise collection with us. We are also going to handle the payment system and at the end of EACH purchase, we would be sharing 40% of the profits we make from your buyer. But however, if you want to have a one-time deal, then it is also possible. All of our design charges are free and you pay us when you want the product on your doorstep.</sub>''

''<sub>But why the hell should you chose us?</sub>''

* ''<sub>We can make any product available for you within 1 business day i.e if you want a certain kind of product early, you can get through us.</sub>''
* ''<sub>We do not ask for any payments from you in advance and we do not charge anything for designing.</sub>''
* ''<sub>We can put up products and the description in Dutch, German, French, Norwegian & Spanish. We have our own group of translators who would be translating the descriptions for you. We also do not charge anything for that.</sub>''
* ''<sub>We offer 24/7 support for any question you need to be answered and we are constantly taking orders from people and serving them.</sub>''

''<sub>So what will the merchandise collection package contain? The merchandise collection package are of two types. The first type is for you if you are a YouTuber, Online Influencer, Celebrity, College Institution or anyone who is looking to make extra income through selling merchandise. For this category, you would your own selection of merchandise customised by our designers with your design on our mind, a promo code with free shipping option for your buyers to use when they are shopping from us, a personalised page on our store with your name on it i.e, mockup images of the products and after the end of every sale from the promo code, you would be getting 40% of the profits we make from your buyer's purchase to your PayPal account. For all our product categories, download the pdf file given below. You do not need to pay anything to start the first type of merchandise collection package with us.</sub>''

''<sub>The second type is best for you if you are a boutique store owner or anyone who is looking to make their own merchandise collection for any event or to sell through their physical retail store. In this type, you would getting a customised assortment of products from us designed by our designers with your design in their mind. The list of the products available for customisation is given in the pdf file below. You would be obviously getting free shipping from us and free designing and mockup images which would be on the house."]</sub>''

They have a customised [Link hidden: Login to view sign-up page] for the parties interested in their [Link hidden: Login to view Make Your Own Merch Today Page].
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=== '''<u>Contact</u>''' ===

Kinbo Corporation does not have a specified contact option. However users and customers can ask questions and receive quotes through their chat portal on [Link hidden: Login to view their website].
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=== '''<u>Lottery</u>''' ===

Kinbo Corporation's Vice President Daman Murphy has been hosting a lottery in honour of Princess Diana on the eve of her birthday, 1st July 2021 (Schindler). Participants have to pay a ticket of US$50 and can win up to US$1,000 on the night of Princess Diana's birthday. '''[Link hidden: Login to view Lottery Sign Up Page].'''
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=== '''<u>Collection Aristocratique Premium</u>''' ===

Collection Aristocratique Premium in one of Kinbo Corporation's artisits honoured brand collection. The designs for the collection has been created by Illustrators and Artists from around the world (Xiao). The products in this collection include hoodies, t-shirts, masks, sweatpants, backpacks, caps, brim hats & tank tops. The price range for the Collection Aristocratique Premium starts from US$5 and goes as high up to as US$30 (Adams). There are several designs and colours available in the product range for this collection. '''[Link hidden: Login to view Collection Aristocratique Premium Page]'''.
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=== '''<u>Discounts Code Offers</u>''' ===

Kinbo Corporation offers a discount of 5% for users using the discount code 'VIP' during their first shopping experience at Kinbo Corportion’s store. They also offer free shipping to people who use the promo code 'dropship' at checkout in their store (Li).
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=== '''<u>Men & Women's Collection</u>''' ===

Kinbo Corporation has manufactured several products for Men and Women but most of their products are unisex (Schindler). Some of their men's collection products include joggers, underwear, tank tops & t-shirts. [Link hidden: Login to view Men's Collection Product Page]

Their women's collection product ranges include skirts, dresses, bikinis, sport bras and panties. '''[Link hidden: Login to view Women's Collection Store Page]'''
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=== '''<u>Kid's Collection</u>''' ===

Kinbo Corporation has made several of their product for kids and infants. Their kids products range starts from US$20 and ends at US$50. Their kids product collection includes hoodies, t-shirts, baby bibs, bomber jackets and baseball caps. The Kid's Collection has been designed by teens in high schools throughout the United States & Canada (Murphy).

[Link hidden: Login to view '''Kid's Collection Store Page''']
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=== <u>'''Accessories'''</u> ===

Kinbo Corporation has manufactured several accessories for consumers throughout the world. Their accessories collection include Samsung phone cases, iPhone cases, masks, tote bags, drawstring bags, backpacks, socks, towels, laptop sleeves, postcards, flip - flops, mugs, canvases & posters. Their accessories collection has been designed by their in-house designers (Murphy).

'''[Link hidden: Login to view Accessories Collection Store Page]'''
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=== '''<u>Meet The Team</u>''' ===

Kinbo Corporation has fifteen in-house team members. According to their website, they do not recognise their factory workers in other countries as their team members (Murphy).
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* Daman | Co-Founder & VP Of Global Sales & Marketing Department
* James | Co-Founder & VP Of Research & Development
* Karen | Co-Founder & Chief Accountant
* Chen | Webpage Developer & Programmer
* Randy | Marketing Manager & Sales Analyst | Assistant to Mr.Daman
* Doug | Auditor & Cheif Manager of Company Account
* Paul | 24/7 Customer Service
* Jenny | 24/7 Customer Service
* Joel | 24/7 Customer Service
* Mikey | Lawyer, In-House Counsel & Legal Adviser
* Rex | Business Analyst & Strategists
* Ronnie | Distributor
* Wang | Professional Coder & Programmer
* Carl | Outsourcer & Distributer
* Chuck | Manager of All Operations

=== <u>'''URLs'''</u> ===
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# Website - Link hidden: Login to view
# Products on Wholesale - Link hidden: Login to view
# Free Custom Merchandise Order - Link hidden: Login to view
# Collection Aristocratique Premium - Link hidden: Login to view
# Men's Collection - Link hidden: Login to view
# Women's Collection - Link hidden: Login to view
# Kid's Collection - Link hidden: Login to view
# British Royal Family Merchandise Collection - Link hidden: Login to view
# One Direction Merchandise Collection - Link hidden: Login to view
# Accessories - Link hidden: Login to view

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=== <u>'''References'''</u> ===

* Adams, Randy. “About Us.” ''Google Docs'', <ref></ref>. Accessed 5 May 2021.
* Li, Dan. “Kinbo Corporation Wholesale via Faire.” '''', 12 Feb. 2021, <ref></ref>. Accessed 5 May 2021.
* Murphy, Daman. “British Royal Family.” ''Kinbo Corporation'', 24 Dec. 2019, <ref></ref>. Accessed 5 May 2021.
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