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1 Dec 16 04:43:54 am
Only Directory Approved Suppliers are allowed to promote their items to SaleHoo members in our Products for Sale forum.

If you're not a directory approved supplier please do not post any products for sale here or in any of our forums. Your post(s) will be deleted.

To learn more about the benefits of being a directory approved supplier and Link hidden: Login to view.

Rules when posting:
  • When posting be sure to limit your promotional posts to three posts per week as posting more may appear like you're spamming our forum.
  • Your post titles should be added in sentence case and in the following format: Product name - Promotion
  • Avoid using all CAPS and unnecessary punctuations.
  • Promotional posts may be removed at our discretion if we believe you are abusing forum privileges.

You can read our full Link hidden: Login to view.


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25 Dec 16 12:51:55 am
Hello, I would like to know how to do a search of items in salehoo. because its not like walmart or ..... and i know the market research... so if you can help me plse.. give me exemple

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25 Dec 16 05:59:23 am
Hi Dany and welcome to the forum,

You can search for suppliers and their products in our directory, link is located on the far left of the black title bar at the top of the page.

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19 Nov 22 06:12:11 pm
This site has been a waste of time and money. Most of the manufacturers and distributors prices are way to high to even compete on line. They also have their products on line for the same price they sell to you for drop shipping,. So you cannot compete. I've been selling on line for about 4 years now and trust me there is no money to be made here. I paid for the life time member ship which was cheap but now I see why. I was going to try World wide brands and now I wish I had but that doesn't mean that they are any better.


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