PSP, Ipods, and more reliable and honest.

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22 Apr 06 01:34:28 am

I've read through many forums, feeling better about my past experiences. I can tell you after more than six years of selling on and off line, things will work out. I have sold Ipods and mainly game systems (PSP's ), but not on ebay, too competitive. You can easily sell via local newspaper, I put an ad in the paper and generated over 30 calls. I sold 24. I sell the systems for $230 for the value pack and sometimes offer a free game. You can also sell on other sites they don't have one million other sellers and the prices are less. I can sell psp systems to sale hoo members for $211 for the value pack and I can either dropship or ship to you. We can go 50/50 on shipping for orders more than 3. My supplier rarely is able to provide me with more than 15 in a given week. I made the connection by establishing a releationship with him. He fills accounts in excess of 5,000 and I end up taking left over stock for the week, my highest I gained was 42 about a couple months back (I think it was because of post holiday sales). I don't know how anyone has been lucky enough to land a supplier through the links, I ran into a few deadends, but have a lot of experience, so escaped the mixitforme tragedy. I don't have a minimum, if you want to do a test run and end up only selling a few, I can ship for you. I use Alert Pay, which used to be Stormpay, always have, fees are less than Paypal (man!). I can also get Ipods and from time to time Xbox 360's . I do pretty good and sell around 40-55 items in a given week. Don't get discrougaged, just keep trying. The internet is gigantic, you just have to keep moving and by all means do your homework! Good luck to you in your ventures. If you would like to contact me...please send your inquires to Link hidden: Login to view.

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2 Jul 06 07:11:10 pm
Thanks for the encouragement for fellow members! Some great advice there :)

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