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20 Jul 09 02:06:52 pm
I've been a web-developer for 10 years, with my fingers stretching far into networking, security, network-based OS's like Linux, and services such as Bind/DNS, IIS/Apache, qMail+vpopmail, ++. I code objectively, and not without seeing the whole picture from both the owners and user perspective. I prioritize quality and functionality, and the satisfaction of any customer.

Keeping it simple
I'm offering assisted setup of any kind of scripts and web application you need help with setting up. You'll need both the software and a host to set it up on. For the moment I'll mainly offer technical assistance for solution setups. I'm not currently taking on any fully fledged application development or long-term platform work.

I have a stressful job, a hell to run at home, and a desire to build my own business at the same time, so I won't guarantee availability at any given time. I'm offering to help out where I can, and when I can.

If I have a lot of time on my hand, I might also offer custom modifications or entire new scripts in PHP or ASP on the server-side, and DHTML (HTML, Javascript, CSS) on the client-side.

In return?
Some paypal dollars, or e-commerce opportunities/good tips that gives me total confidence in its value before I give my work in return. As mentioned earlier, I'm looking out for creating my own e-commerce business(s). My gameplan is somewhat undefined yet, but I'm thinking of targeting my own country - Norway - first. Any cooperation from someone there could be interesting - supply of goods, access to good wholesalers or dropshippers etc + marketing.

This is perhaps too much to ask, but can't hurt to try...

Why don't you start your own freelance programmer business?
Because it provides a limited earning potential, and it's always repeatable work which seems to wear me out, as it doesn't 'get me anywhere'. Not to mention the indians who does a months work for a cookie and 24 cents.

Kind regards

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20 Jul 09 09:09:03 pm
PM sent

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PM on its way.


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