Sony PS3 Pre-Orders Are Here!

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3 Nov 06 09:06:40 pm
We are a brick and mortar company located in Grandville Michigan.
We are taking orders only online at: [Edited:f892b658]

E. E. Richcreek
Pryor Creek International
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4 Nov 06 03:45:20 am
Registered Sellers and Members of the community should familiarize themselves with the following rules that we have in place with regard to selling on the forum.

1. Forum Registered Sellers are allowed to post TWO new sale leads in a 24hr period. They should NOT however be the same offering each and every day.

2. A structured layout to a Forum Registered Sellers selling lead should always be present. By this mean: Title, Description, Quantity, Price, Payment Methods, Shipping, VAT/Import Duties, and anything else that could aid and reduce the amount of standard questions that sellers will be asked.

3. Sellers should NOT make remarks about the pricing or service offered by other sellers, ANYWHERE on the forum. Please keep comments constructive.

4. Forum Registered Sellers should post or inform a Moderator that their stock is sold so that the relevant lead can be locked.

5. Showing your Location (with Country being the bear minimum) is a requirement for all Forum Registered Sellers. You MUST have this shown in your profile at all times.

6. Finally, if your account is suspended (for any reason) then you are NOT entitled to a refund of any sort.

Note: You must also abide by the standard SaleHoo forum rules which can be found in the SaleHoo site just before you login to the forum.


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8 Jan 07 08:00:52 pm
keishag Please register with salehoo before selling to salehoo members. After completion of registration and we verify your information is correct. It will be much easier to gain the trust of salehoo members.
You can find detailed information on registering with us.
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Registering is 100% free

Note that this member: keishag

Has not been verified by salehoo staff as a registered seller. Use caution when contacting this person. Thanks

If you continue to post trying to sell to salehoo members. All contact information will be deleted and you will be warned. Continued Avoidance of our policy will result in account suspension or BAN ! practices safe trade and will not allow potential scammers to victimize our members.


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