What items to buy to start up an eBay business?

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11 Feb 11 12:55:46 am
I had just signed up for SaleHoo, and have been on eBay for a little while.

Here is my story:

I had made about $600 off of selling things around the house.

I was starting to make money, through a cell phone manufacturer in China. I sold a few phones, and made a few hundred dollars on them. So, thinking I could trust this supplier, I ordered a few more phones, and put them up on eBay before I even had them in my possession. My luck, the supplier scammed me. I got back half the money, but was very disappointed, because the eBayers who bought it, either were very unhappy, or left negative feedback.

Ever since then, I really never wanted to trust another supplier, but heard about SaleHoo, and decided to sign up.

I am trying to start up an eBay business, and am starting from the very bottom. I have a few questions:

1. What type of items can I start off buying from Wholesalers, that is fairy cheap, to make a profit on?

2. Any good wholesalers to recommend?

It would be so great if someone could help me out, I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

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11 Feb 11 01:29:55 am
Hi p-reegs1,

Sorry to hear about the China supplier scam story. Had you joined us earlier, we could have helped prevent it from happening. If you scan our forum, you'll see threads full of suggestions on how to protect yourself from supplier frauds and you will also learn from other sellers' experience. Nevertheless, it's a good attitude to keep yourself going despite of what happened, and be here with us! :) Welcome to SaleHoo!

To answer your question on what item and what supplier to recommend, can you help us by providing details about your product interests? Where are you located? There are just too many factors to consider to come up with the right answer. Besides the market is constantly evolving and the trends change.

I recommend that you download our highly detailed PDF guides to using suppliers, drop shipping and much more. The SaleHoo New User Manual is at #6 Link hidden: Login to view

Looking forward to hear from you soon! Cheers!



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