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27 Feb 07 02:16:38 am
Hello everyone,

There is a new site that is in pre-launch until May, that is offering
'free' life time Paid memberships [Untill launch].

Entertainment products is their only focus.
New Release DVDs, CDs ,Home Theater, video games and game systems all at 30-50% below retail store prices.

To buy from them you must be a member . Like I said, Life time memberships are Free. There are no min. orders .

When you Join you'll be placed into a 3x7 matrix and will be paid on everyone below you in your matrix. They also have a 100% matching bonus on all personally sponsored members sales.

Check this out, wholesale prices on DVds , CDs , Video games.
Memberships are only free untill site Launches in may.

For more info feel free to contact me anytime Link hidden: Login to view

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27 Feb 07 02:23:01 am
jlook41: Affiliate links are not allowed on salehoo.

Information provided to our members should be given freely and not for a profit. Please remove the affiliate links from your signature or we will do it for you. Thanks

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13 Sep 08 07:06:15 am
Can you email me the websites name??


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