Why you should get in on the e-juice and e-cig craze!

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Become on of our dealers and make money selling e-Juice and e-Cagarettes!

E-Cigarettes are not only a great and potentially healthier alternative to smoking tobacco products, they are also a much healthier option for your wallet! With a pack of cigarettes selling at almost $15.00 each in New York, and at the low end of $5 per pack in Kentucky, E-cigarettes can and will save you a considerable amount of money.

Based on the numbers above, it is safe to say that on average, most Americans will spend at least $50 on a carton of cigarettes. For even a moderate smoker, this will add up to big $$$ over the course of a year.

Our High Quality, 100% American Made E-juice products, created and packaged in FDA registered facilities, will not only help you to replace your disease causing habit of smoking tobacco products, but at a huge cost reduction. One 30ml bottle of our Premium HabitRX E-Juice is the equivalent of one to one and a half cartons of disease causing tobacco cigarettes, and at a cost of only $19.99 per bottle, our Premium E-Juice will satisfy your cravings at 1/3 the cost of a carton of cigarettes.

Let’s convert this information into hard numbers, and let’s do it with the assumption that you are a light to average smoker.

Assume that you smoke 2 cartons of cigarettes per month at $50 per carton. That would come out to you paying the big tobacco companies $1200.00 per year for the privilege of filling your lungs with their deadly and addictive product.

Now let’s assume that you purchase 1 – 30ml bottle of our Pure, Premium, American made e-juice at $19.99 per month. Your total out of pocket for the entire year would come to $239.88!

You would save an amazing $960.12 per year! WOW!

For those of you who are heavy smokers, this savings can easily triple or quadruple over the course of a year. Think of what you can do with that much extra money in your pocket! Buy yourself a new high end flat screen TV, take that trip you have always wanted to go on, or simply pocket the savings for a rainy day.

We have to admit, that our business model is a bit flawed, in that we do not want you to continue to be a customer of ours. Seriously, we don’t! The HabitRX system is a step down program. Our hope is that you will purchase our products over a period of time, gradually decreasing the nicotine content until you reach zero, and are no longer a slave to the tortuous cravings that you must currently endure. Your health and well-being come first, and if that means that our relationship will one day end, then so be it.

From our unyielding quality and purity standards, to our nicotine step down programs, HabitRX.com is committed to helping you live a healthier and happier life!

We do realize that for some, a life completely free of nicotine may not be possible, but with HabitRX.com you can still improve your life in the following ways:

Drastically reduce or eliminate the amount of toxins from your body that are PROVEN to be in tobacco products!
Drastically reduce the amount of nicotine that you ingest!
No carbon monoxide!
Stop smelling like an ash tray, especially after stepping outside for a smoke on a rainy day!
Eliminate that horrible smokers breath!
Eliminate tar stains on your teeth, fingers, and clothing!
Keep your home from smelling offensive to friends and family!
Protect your loved ones from the dangers of second hand smoke!
No nasty, dirty ash and cigarette butts!
Have the potential to live a longer and healthier life!

While most negative PR that you hear about e-cigarettes is simply false propaganda spread by big tobacco and the politicians that they have in their pocket, in order for them to insure that they gain complete control over this fast growing market. One thing is true, and ignore it at your own peril. DO NOT PURCHASE CHEAP E-JUICE! Sorry to yell at you, but it is so important! Simply switching to e-cigarettes is going to save you a ton of money, why seriously risk your health to save $3-$4? Most if not all inexpensive e-juice, regardless of what they may want you to believe, is sourced from China from questionable sources using even more questionable ingredients. Did you know that some of the flavorings used by cheap E-juice providers can cause serious, deadly and irreversible health issues? China has proven time and again that they can make cheap products, but just look at the news and you will find story after story about deadly and illegal additives and chemicals in products sourced from China. Lead paint on children’s toys, deadly pet foods, and Chinese Drywall (Look this one up). Do you honestly think that they care about the quality of the vapor you inhale?

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