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A few helpful tips and hints to become a success online!

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28 Feb 07 12:02:33 am
Hi, I just wanted to share some of my inside secrets and tricks that I feel may be very useful to the newer or newbie and inexperienced sales people or auction sellers.

I know you have probably heard alot of other stories, of how you can purchase some guide online for $149 and it will show you the secrets to getting rich quick or make $10,000 in a few days etc.

Well you can be rest assured, most of those are scams. And that isn't what I'm going to share.

I just felt it would be proper to share these 'secrets' with people just starting out, for free, so that they know there are people in the same boat as them and have been there but gotten successful over time.

First of all, if you are selling an item in a niche you are more likely to receive a sale.

One is because niche products are rarer, therefore not as much competititon.

Two is because niche products are often more popular with one kind of audience, and with the right content you can meet their needs with a sale.

Take phones for instance. Everyone is selling Samsungs or Nokias, especially on eBay. But what about Cingular wireless? Those are still good phones, but only a certain kind of buyer gets them.

Anyway, despite all that I have a strong tip for you. Even if you sell it on eBay, uBid, or Bid-Alot and feel alot of people will see the product, don't just rely on that alone.

What I use is called a Traffic Generator. I happen to know firsthand, that no matter what the product is if enough people don't see it there will be no sale. This is true for nearly anything.

So, if you have your listing finished or your store, then submit the address to a online traffic generator and start moving hits.

One of the best worldwide is TrafficSwarm. You can earn as many as 50,000 credits at a time with TrafficSwarm. Then, you can also add it to an autosurf program such as autohits247.com and let the traffic flood to you.

What is great about this, is it is free. What is more important about this is that it takes less than an hour a day. But what is most significant about this, is it increases sales by over 80%.

Not always, but if your product is in a category with competition and you have keywords in the title you are more likely to get bidders very quickly. I'm talking about within hours sometimes, not at the end of your listings.

Here is an example of how it works. You build up your credits in the traffic generator, lets say 1000-5000.

At least half of those people visit to click on that page. And perhaps 200 of them or sometimes more, end up seeing your classified ad or auction listing. Out of that large portion of visitors will be around one buyer, sometimes 5 or more who end up bidding. But that's an example in action. Out of a pool of 5000 visitors, or 10000, all you require is one. Your odds are tripled by default if this was Las Vegas. Lower risk, less chance of losing sales so you win.

And until you get a high feedback score, I have checked around and this is probably the best way to ensure sales. Not just one time sales, constant sales.

How a traffic generator works is you wait for the traffic generator to approve your website. Sometimes it might be a day, so keep an eye out. Then after approval, you begin clicking links.

Each traffic generator has an exchange rate, sometimes its 1 credit for every click. Sometimes its more. And on autosurf programs, it will do this by itself, even if you leave the computer on overnight. This is ultimately the secret key which will have you earning more than the gurus themselves, if you are serious about it.

Because they are free. Except for those like Adwords. However alternatives to Adwords exist, such as ClikSense. These are also free.
The key to remember is that most of these products, especially traffic generators are 100% free. (however using a traffic generator, will also lead to large increase of SCAMS- so be safe about it)

They won't always be free, and MANY of them are already charging subscriptions. So make sure to get into the best ones right away if you sell alot of items!

Of course Link hidden: Login to view is good and so is Link hidden: Login to view . But I reccomend you look at all of them, such as Link hidden: Login to view and do a huge search to find all the traffic generators.

If you have them bookmarked, you can then use them anytime and always keep the best ones for your products.

Good luck! It doesn't work for everyone, but it certainly works in most cases for beginners.


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