A Good Web Builder that doesnt cost an arm & a leg each year

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21 Aug 06 05:37:55 am
I Have been working on building a website for a while now and have found out that it is very hard to start an ecommerce site and not break the bank. Most Ecommerce providers want to charge a monthly fee, or you can set up a PHP program that you have to do everything On line and still have nothing but trouble getting it all to come together.
I started trying out many different options too many! but I did not want to pay a monthly fee for something that I was not sure would work also I do not trust using paypal buttons(the code can be read by simply viewing the sorce) and it would take forever for me to put a button for all the items I will be selling and Because I deal alot in Jewelry the prices change so much
This is what I did
I started with 130.net as my hosting service for $10 per month
Selected plan details:
750 megabytes of web space
20GB of monthly bandwith
FREE .com/.net/.org domain ($12.95 VALUE!) included!
Additional features include:
200 email accounts (pop3/imap/smtp)
10 Mailing Lists
10 SQL databases (MySQL & PostgreSQL)
10 SubDomains
5 FTP Accounts
2 Addon domains
Advanced Control Panel
I then went to Link hidden: Login to view
This Is a Great Website Builder and has a built in ecommerce builder for paypal and other gateways they will let you download a free trial verson that is full it however changes all the A's to E' s
the cost $99.00 with no monthly fees and full support forum they respond fast and many times will put updates or fixes for a need you may have
you can view my website @ Link hidden: Login to viewand
Link hidden: Login to view
Both have been done only in the last two weeks and I am a truck driver and only am able to work on them on my free time.
What I like about this system is that I can do so offline then update my site when I am able to get to a WIFI hot spot

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21 Aug 06 05:53:58 am
PS I can build you a site like mine using the ezgenerator I know that getting started out cost money and dishing out for a Hosting service then also a web builder can be a bit nerve racking.
I will not lie to you these are all templates but they are nice ones you can view the templates at the Link hidden: Login to view find one that you like and send me the name and number then send me the information you want and in what format I will set up the site
I would not be able to do any real big site but a small one with like 20 items would not be to much trouble, For a Small Fee apon completion

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23 Aug 06 05:00:59 pm
i believe edirecthost.com offers a great package.

they have a great site builder, easy to use and friendly.
there is even a feature to upload all of your products by csv file, this saved me hours.
you can also zip up all of your images, and upload the one zip file, instead of each image one by one, again this saved me hours.

their uptime is amazing. speed is good too.

their prices are not cheap, but well worth it.

any questions, feel free to email me at Link hidden: Login to view

ps. i am not affiliated with edirecthost in any way, i am just a happy customer !!!

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