A question re Marc Ransom's newsletter promoting John Thornhills e-book promise

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18 Apr 11 05:52:28 am
Probably all members received a newsletter from Marc today announcing "the easiest product in the world to sell". He is referring to e-books via the selling package that John Thornhill is promoting.

I have always believed that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn't true.

Marc, as your newsletter was signed by you ... see the copy and paste below....

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Marc Ransom
Community Manager

are we to understand that you are promoting this as a surefire scheme that is guaranteed successful? The email did not come from John Thornhill, it came from you.

As a result of this and my faith in Salehoo's advice, I did a quick search on Salehoo forums and found that this same thing had been promoted back in 2007, and there were also posts in 2008. They were not very complimentary, and members who had "signed up" stated that it was a waste of time and money. Not in those words exactly, but members today can read for it for themselves. Just do a site search of John Thornhill.

What has changed over the last few years that Salehoo is now again promoting this scheme through the latest newsletter to come from Marc Ransom? For me, Salehoo's stamp of recommendation seems to be on this programme, otherwise why have we all received this email?

I would like to hear from other members who signed up for John Thornhill's product and have been happy with the result. If any of you are reading this, could you please let the rest of us know how you are getting on.


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18 Apr 11 10:51:44 pm
Hi yaamba,

Yes we do send regular promotions to our newsletter subscribers with offers we think might interest them.

With all the products we promote, we always make sure there is lots of free value as well. Either via a webinar, or from a video or article/ebook the product owner has written containing some solid information. So even if you don't wish to purchase, the emails we send out are always useful to read anyway to pick up some free tips.

I suggest visiting this blog Link hidden: Login to view and read through the comments as well.

Hope this helps :)


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