"About Us" page - What is the appropriate content?

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2 Mar 12 03:24:01 am

I hope this doesnt sound like a silly question......but when dropshipping what are you supposed to put on your about us page?

If you are not supposed to put the supplier name and information of course than what do you put. For example when they want to know about the products and background , if its really authentic etc than what am I supposed to say when its not my product?

Any insight would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,


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2 Mar 12 07:06:30 am
Hi Kirsten,
I'll add my two cents to your question.

Even though you are having someone else ship your product, you can still give some general info about who you are and what your company is trying to achieve.

Say for example your site sells a little bit of everything: electronics, toys, housewares, clothing etc.

In your 'About Us', you might say something like:

"Our desire is to be your One Stop shopping destination. We offer competitive prices, quality merchandise and excellent customer service. If there is a product you are looking for, feel free to email us and we will see what we can do."

Of course if you are specializing in one particular product/brand/market, you can speak according to that item. Let's say it's shoes:

"Our desire is to offer you quality footwear at competitive prices..." and then go on from there.

You won't have to mention anything about your supplier - just keep the information focused on the customer and how you can help them.

Another way to handle the 'About You' section is to give the customer a bit of history about yourself if you feel comfortable doing that. If you notice many About Us sections, they talk about who they are, how long they've been in business and what sets them apart from other stores selling similar things.

Since you are just starting out, you may not feel you have enough experience to speak about your business in that manner. That's ok! Just
let the customer know that you are dedicated to giving them the best service you can and that you are reachable if they have questions/problems.

I'm sure you'll get some more ideas from the others here at the forum shortly.
best of wishes,

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2 Mar 12 07:06:43 am
Hi Kirsten,

No worries, just post any questions you have and we will do our best to assist you.

Your 'About Us' page contains information about your business - who you are, what you do, where you are located, etc. This is the page where you build your image to the visitors and invite them to view your products, convert them to buying customers. :)

The specific details for the products will be on each of the product pages, and basically, if you are drop shipping the details that you can share about the item is provided to you, by your drop ship supplier. You do not need to declare that you are drop shipping, otherwise they will just decide to go to the source, right? Once you have decided for example to sell either an authentic brand name product or a designer inspired one, this needs to be clarified to your supplier, such that when you state "authentic", that will be the condition of the product to be drop shipped. You can also seek proof of authenticity from the suppliers.

If you are going to drop ship at eBay, the pre-sale statement is placed in the item description.

To drop ship on eBay, here are specific requirements that must be met:

- The Drop shipped products fall under eBay’s pre-sale item policy, that means the items are not in your possession, and will be called “pre-sale” listings

- From the date of purchase by the buyer, these Pre-sale items should be shipped within 30 days

- It must be clearly indicated in your listing that the item is NOT in your possession and that it is a pre-sale or drop shipped item

For example, in your product description you can state:

“In compliance with eBay's requirements concerning drop-shipped items, please be informed that the item in this listing is a PRE-SALE ITEM, and is guaranteed to be shipped to you not later than 10 business days from the date your payment gets processed.”

This pre-sale statement must be at least in the default size font (12 point) or HTML font size 3.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further question. :)


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2 Mar 12 04:13:37 pm
Thank you so much to both of you. This helped me alot.


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2 Mar 12 10:20:43 pm
Just to add one more thing to everything else, especially the technical aspects of eBay, ensure that the item you are selling is reflected in the item location you enter.

You can of course have your own location in your listing's body, as per where you are situated, however the actual item location needs to be specific to where the item is actually located.

Now it's not something that everyone does and many will get away with it, however it's a point on which someone can launch a valid complaint against you and eBay will take it seriously.


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