Adding a second store on Google Base

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8 Nov 09 01:37:32 am
I have one store open on ecrater. Link hidden: Login to view. It is on Google Base, Google Checkout, and Google Analytics. To open a second store what do I have to do with the Google products?

Do I open a separate Google account and go through all the setting up stuff again? Is there a way to add a second store to all the existing account? Thanks.

I also would like to make a suggestion for education. Could someone write a guide of some kind for the Google stuff simplified? It is a daunting amount of information.

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9 Nov 09 03:35:59 am
Hey beachdisney,

Im not completely sure on this one, but you really should read over Google's new Site submission process. Pretty much a rough overall is if you are selling the same product on several other avenues or 1 other avenue your feeds will be dis-approved. Google is cracking down on dublicated product submissions and its no longer called Google Base, its called something like Google Merchant Center. One tip to consider is try to change the wording for each additional product you sell, that way at least your wording wont be the same on the other avenues that your selling these products.

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26 Nov 09 10:01:23 am
Hi Beachdisney,

As what dwmgoods35 has suggested check out Google's Merchant Center. You might need to set up a Multi-client Account.

Link hidden: Login to view

Thank you for the suggestion. We are definitely going to look into it :)



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