Addoway and Bonanza

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13 Dec 10 02:27:06 am
In the old days before Addoway, a new rising star in ecommerce was Bonanzle renamed Bonanza. Bonanza was the new darling of Salehoo.

Now Salehoo is in love with Addoway and it seems like Bonanza has been thrown to the curb with the garbage.

Is it my own opinion, or is that the way it is.

Also it seems like Addoway has grown much quicker than Bonanza.

Thanks Guys.


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13 Dec 10 04:31:24 am
Hi Dale,

Thought I'd just pop in here to clear up any misconceptions.

We support any venue or selling platform that can help you as online-sellers reach your goals. Whether it's Bonanza, Addoway, or others.

In the past we've blogged about Bonanza, and we'll continue to do so. We've also blogged about Addoway too, well before we had any formal arrangements with them.

The recent activity you've seen around Addoway, such as guest blog posts and discounts etc. etc. are the result of our latest partnership it's true.

This doesn't mean we're discarded all other alternatives. We're actively looking to form partnerships with other selling platforms too (and yes Bonanza is definitely on our list : ).

Hope that clears up any confusion, and I hope we can bring you some great deals from other venues in the future too.

All the best

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13 Dec 10 06:05:56 pm
Here's my take on these websites.

I signed up with Bonanza about (2) years.I paid the upgrade
$100.00 per year I was hoping that this would be the answer to
eBay, but after 2 years I don't see it making much progress. During this
time I've had a few sales not even enough to pay the $100x 2 price per year. I
most likely will cancel when it comes up for renewal for the 3rd year.

I recently signed up with Addoway this time I went with the free option. When I had some concerns & questions I was surprised to hear from the owner himself. He advised on how to get started getting sales & I followed his advise. I'm impressed because I did what he advised & bingo I got a sale one but sooner than I thought.

The only draw back of being a Free member is that anytime a website has a free membership there are people that saturate the website with the same product over & over making ineffective. That's the bad part.

I'm thinking I will upgrade simply because of the service.

My opinion

John (aka bacpro)

J Baca

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13 Dec 10 08:31:00 pm
Hi Dale,

As Haden has touched on, we have no policies or anything similar which dictates which site we currently 'are in love with'.

As SaleHoo staff, we are all entitled to offer our own opinions on all selling platforms.

Our opinions might be based on our own experiences on the site, or from hearing stories from our members.

I can tell you that I adore both Addoway and Bonanza, they are both fantastic selling platforms with huge potential.

We've given Addoway and Bonanza some good press this year, and both have been deserving of it.

Bonanza has had a big year with new investors coming on board and giving them resources to grow, and Addoway has only launched publicly in April and has seen tremendous growth since, so we have kept a close on on them both.

I hope that clears things up for you :)


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