Advice on what type of products to sell in Turkey needed

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7 Oct 09 10:47:44 am
I want to sell in Turkey, any suggestions on what type of products to sell? Ideas?


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7 Oct 09 09:23:52 pm
Not an easy question to give advice on, you being there would be in the best position to research local markets I would suggest.

Take a close look at where you want to sell, then research that particular market and the products that sell within it. Once you have that sort of information you will be better placed to see if you can source the products at the right prices to compete.

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7 Oct 09 10:04:51 pm
Hi SllcKYlldrM,

In addition, here are a couple of posts that you might find useful.

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You might also want to check out our education center for resources on topics such as importing, what types of products to sell, the ins and outs of different product sourcing methods, how suppliers work and how to get the most out of each supplier. Also contains some basic eBay selling information, if you're interested. Just click on the 'Education' tab above.

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