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28 Jan 11 05:05:22 am
As we are members of Salehoo I'm sure we all receive the various affiliate marketing programs that have been offered over the years, Affiliorama, Sky High Auctions, AffiloBlueprint etc.

The most recent of these 'special offers'was Profit Instruments, Jan 5th. "Wow, he gave me one of his websites."

I looked at the service and its the usual stuff, modules and packages that teach you how to set up affiliate marketing sites, SEO and generating passive income in less than X number of hours, days whatever.

I've received many of these emails since I started online trading and marketing, 2006/7, but I have never actually bought any of these magic systems that will turn you into a millionaire overnight.

When I try to find honest reviews they are always just affiliate sites themselves selling you the product they just reviewed, and no doubt collecting commission. Some even ask you to clear your cookies before buying (I assume because once you go to the main site for the product it cookie stuff's you and then they don't get the credit because you didn't find the product through them).

My big question here, why don't we have a page or a thread or whatever to honestly review these systems and find out if they really work and if so which is the best one?

As long as we maintained some simple rules, like don't affiliate market the products through Salehoo (something the site already enforces) it should be an honest and genuine review page that lets us, a good bulk of the online trading community, sort the wheat from the chaff and find out which of these miracle programs actually work.

I was lucky enough to win a full membership to Sky High Auctions (actually through Salehoo come to think of it), so I can get the ball rolling with a review of that, although I haven't yet fully utilised site, nor have I used any of the techniques recommended (I haven't been trading online for a few years, Uni took over :P). None the less I can give you a feel for the sites content and how it aims to help you, and if its worth the money.

If we could all chip in with our reviews of other programs, maybe even get a poll going I'm sure we can really figure out what to invest our money in.

As I'm just getting back into online trading I thought this would be a great place to start.

I'll post my Sky High Auctions review in a few days.



P.S. Salehoo staff: If I've posted this in the wrong place please move it to the correct forum.

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30 Jan 11 09:55:49 pm
Hi Tom,

That would be a good idea and a helpful one too especially if many will take part and contribute :)

With all the products we promote, we always make sure there is lots of free value as well. Either via a webinar, or from a video or article/ebook the product owner has written containing some solid information. So even if you don't wish to purchase, the emails we send out are always useful to read anyway to pick up some free tips.

By the way, Sky High Auctions is one of our products :) We would love to hear your review!



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