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5 Dec 16 06:50:33 am
eBay's still a top choice especially with it's steady flow of customers but if you feel like you need to explore and spread your wings outside eBay we have an updated list of alternative recommendations for you to check out - Link hidden: Login to view

A few more alternate auction sites are listed Link hidden: Login to view as shared by both staff and members.

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15 Jul 19 08:01:21 pm
How can I find a high-end supplier Would I be able to sell and post on eBay Thank You

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16 Jul 19 04:19:00 am
Re-seller's permit or manufacturer's approval is usually required when selling high end brands. You can however, legally re-sell brands sourced from liquidators. These are suppliers that sell items at clearance/liquidations for reasons such as end of season, or overstocks. In this case, you need to let the liquidator know that you intend to re-sell their products so they can provide you with certain permits and certificates.

When selling branded goods on eBay, you will have to use your own photos as a simple copy/paste of product images/descriptions from the manufacturer can be grounds of infringement. A great way to take clean photos is to use a photo tent for a professional look.

Hope this clarifies.

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19 Nov 19 08:40:06 pm
adurica1 wrote:How can I find a high-end supplier Would I be able to sell and post on eBay Thank You

Good day, Our Brand is high-end and is in a hot market right now. We support eBay. Our wholesale pricing allows you to enjoy approx. 50% margin.

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14 Feb 20 05:36:13 pm
It's almost impossible nowadays to sell High End brands on eBay or Amazon and make a reasonable profit after all cost involved. However you can use either Liquidators, or sell products purely based on profit margin without being concerned as much with what brand the products are. If you try to do the exact same thing everyone else does, you will unfortunately have the same or worst results.

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